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3X Super Bright Wireless LED

3X Super Bright Wireless LED

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3pcs x LED Magnetron Light Modeling Super Bright Led Lamp Toys Model Wireless Magnetic Induction Control Switch Lights w CR927 Battery


  • Item name: lamp beads / LED light bulb
  • Light mode: always on / fast flash / slow flash / off
  • Size: 9x9x5mm

Operation method:

Place the uneven side of the battery facing the lower side of the circuit board installed in the lamp bead. Use a magnetic rod to approach the lamp, which will light up. Then, switch the state again. The light mode is always on / fast flash / slow flash / off. To remove the battery, gently press it on the side to remove it.

Each lamp has a battery and does not need to be purchased separately. It can be continuously on for more than ten hours when left on. This lamp can be hung with an external light cable and needs to be welded by oneself. Lamp panel size 9 x 9 x 5mm, with CR927 battery


Do not stack batteries for storage


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