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Wireless LED + Power Supply

Wireless LED + Power Supply

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DC 12V-24V 200mm Remote Wireless Charging Module Power Supply Coil Inductive USB Transmitter Module Base + 10pcs Led Lamp receiver.


  • Wide Input Range from 12 to 30V; Typical value 24V. 
  • Remote power supply. Power supply not included ! ! !
  • Frequency Adjustable by Potentiometer. (@High Version)
  • Micro Receiver.
  • One-to-many at the same time. •
  • Two Surface Appearances: Smooth and Frosted. •
  • The hollowed-out design makes it easy to use multiple receivers


  • Gundam model modification. 
  • Manual model modification.
  • Aircraft model modification.
  • Ship model modification.
  • Star dome modification.
  • Decorative painting



The product consists of two parts:

Base(1PCS) and Micro LED receiver(10PCS) random color.


  • The base should be placed away from any metal. The micro LED receiver can be placed anywhere in the base, and its maximum distance is more than 200mm+.
  • The receiver can also be placed close to the outside of the base.
  • The LED receiver should be parallel to the base; otherwise, it cannot be lit.
  • The brightness of the LED is inversely related to the distance. The farther the distance, the lower the brightness will be.
  • The higher the input voltage, the better the receiver's performance. We recommend 24VDC to ensure the stability of the base.
  • The power capacity should be greater than 24VA.
  • There should be no large metal between or around the two parts while using.

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